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Art Students at Iroquois Earn High Distinction in Portfolio Project

Recently, two Iroquois Central School art students participated in the New York State Art Teacher Association portfolio project. Their work earned top marks.   

The students are Elliot Czuba, a ninth grader, and Kendall Hulsman, a seventh grader. Both students received perfect scores to earn a distinguished ranking. The portfolio project was held at Buffalo State College. 

Kendall Hulsman, a seventh grader at Iroquois Central Middle School, earned a perfect score on an art portfolio project presentation held at Buffalo State College.

Czuba has been working on art lessons since he was in kindergarten, taking private lessons from Iroquois High School art teacher Nicholas Napierala. They worked together on the portfolio. 

Iroquois Central high school student Elliot Czuba was one of two from his district to participate in the NYS art teacher association portfolio project.

Hulsman worked with Middle School Art teacher Diane Campbell on this. In addition to her love of art, she also is passionate about horses, basketball and family. These subject matters are often represented in her works of art.

Both students submitted images and an artist’s statement for review. 

“The portfolio project is an initiative of [the art association] that was developed in cooperation with the New York State Education Department,” the association stated on its website. “It is an authentic assessment tool that is based on The New York State Learning Standards and provides students with an opportunity to present portfolios of their work at regional adjudication sites. The student portfolios provide evidence of understanding and student learning in the visual arts. Feedback is available for the student, parent, school, and community. The Portfolio Project can provide an authentic source for data on student success in the visual arts.” 

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