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East Aurora Native Brings Filming to WNY

Director and writer Patrick Krum wanted his film to reflect the rural area he grew up in around East Aurora. Krum started filming around the region last week a short film called “The Keeper,” which is his senior capstone project of a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emerson College in Boston. The crew will be filming mostly on farms around East Aurora and Arcade.

The title card to the short film “The Keeper.”
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“I wanted something set around the town I grew up in. I would spend my summers playing outdoors and the natural world is very important to me. I wanted to write something that reflected that,” Krum said. “A big thing for me is the sense that it’s a very East Aurora-based film.”

“Masterson’s Nursery has been pinnacle in making this happen.” he added, “It being about bees – I got in contact with Erin [from the garden center]. I’ve been working on the script for two years and she is one of the first people I reached out to. I was working with her on how to work with bees, how to accurately represent them, and now – hooking me up with bee boxes and bee suits.”

The film’s protagonist is Alec, a young boy who forms an unlikely bond with a reclusive beekeeper. Alec must redeem himself, after his actions unintentionally damage the beekeeper’s property and reputation. 

A coming-of-age film, Krum wanted to show the role of mentorships and how important that can be for young people – something that he has experienced himself. Krum interned with a local videographer through high school and describes that mentorship as being fundamental to his film career, and his development as a person.

“This story is about a mentor for the young boy. Sometimes the people that come into our lives unexpectedly sometimes end up having the most profound impact on us,” Krum said. “[Having a mentor] was so impactful for me, that’s what I wanted to bring to the screen.”

Patrick Krum is working in Western New York on his short film called “The Keeper.”
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There are five cast members, all from Western New York – the furthest being from Rochester. The local casting call brought in interest from all over the country. Krum has also assembled a technical crew from all over the east coast.

After submitting the project for grading, Krum would like to have it premiere at the Aurora Theatre in May 2022. After the premiere, it will be submitted to the festival circuit in the summer/fall 2022, before being released publicly.

As for his own future, Krum is looking forward to finishing his final year with Emerson College by doing an internship in Los Angeles, and continuing to grow his career as a Cinematographer and Director.

“One of the reasons I chose Emerson is because they have a very good internship program they set you up with. So I’ll go out there, get an internship – see how I like living in LA and then, possibly, move out there,” he said.

Artist Darrion Moore created the story boards for the short film “The Keeper.”
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Krum initially launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the film’s production. The kickstarter ended successfully on July 8, having raised over $5,000. For more information on the project, you can view the details on their kickstarter page at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/2042666175/the-keeper-0/description

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