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Editorial: Tell Me Something Good

Shootings, inflation, the war, the re-hash of January 6 riots, extreme weather. As the song says, “tell me something good.” 

The good thing about being in the local news business is that we have an opportunity to tell our readers something good, more often than something bad. We do our job as reporters and as independent observers of our government institutions.  However, for the most part, our newspaper columns are filled with “something good.” And that’s because the people in our communities are, for the most part, good. 

The headlines don’t necessarily proclaim “Joe Citizen Did Something Good,” yet Joe or Joan Citizen’s good work is evident in story after story. It’s in the library book sale announcement, or the progress of the Rural Outreach Center building, or the Adult Day Care or FISH food distribution, the Fireworks fund, the service club program, the business sponsorship of free concerts, and so on and so on.

There are people in the community regularly organizing, joining and doing to help others and to enhance the quality of life in the community.

So while “community news” may evoke a snicker or two as the “Chicken Committee” or “Dandelion Contest” headlines are displayed, we’re glad we are in the local newspaper business. We have the opportunity to tell our readers something good; a great deal of something good, each week.

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