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In the East Aurora Advertiser

Here’s some of what the East Aurora Advertiser is covering in the edition that will hit the newsstands today, Wednesday February 23rd.

A State Supreme Court justice has dismissed a 3.2 million dollar claim against East Aurora schools and the faculty association. Teacher Colin Shoemaker, who was terminated by the district, contended that Covid vaccination and testing requirements were not part of the district contract with the teachers.

Shoemaker was placed on unpaid leave and later terminated for failing to provide proof of vaccination and failure to comply with weekly testing requirements.

The case had been postponed at Shoemaker’s request, but after missing an agreed upon deadline the district and the union asked for the dismissal.

In the Village of East Aurora, Friday’s rain and warm temperature produced ice-jam flooding at several spots along Tannery Brook, closing some village streets briefly, including on Main Street at the site of previous flooding in the west end.

Expanding in local towns, a Dollar General store is being planned in Marilla on Clinton Street near Two Rod Road. The town’s planning board asked the developers to provide a “country look” for the store, rather than their original design.

Approving a resolution, the Wales Town Board has asked the county executive and the governor to cease and desist making arbitrary orders and return authority to the elected officials of the town. The resolution was prompted by Covid mask mandates that have now been lifted.

A local group is seeking the the removal of an East Aurora School Board member Daniel Brunson, contending that his oath of office was procedurally flawed.

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