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Letter to the Editor: District Needs to Follow School Policy

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to EA School Board President Armbrust and Superintendent Russ:

Choosing which laws to follow is not a choice you’re allowed to make. They all must be followed – including the administration of an oath of public office. 

EAUFSD Policy #1331 clearly states the District Clerk will administer oaths of office in accordance with New York State Public Officers Law. This means someone who is administering the oath must first have taken an oath of office. Donna Krol who administered Daniel Brunson’s oath on June 23, 2020, is a notary and was not herself sworn into office. I notified you on Feb. 15 of these facts. 

On Feb. 24, the Advertiser’s staff reporter Shelly Ferullo confirmed the same after filing her own FOIL request –  “The following day, Sue Kramer, who is the district’s records officer answered, stating Krol’s position in the district does not require her to take an oath.”

Your March 3 letter to the Advertiser is misleading and filled with the misinformation that you accuse parents and taxpayers of spreading. This is not a good look. 

Some 40 years ago as a graduating high school senior I had the unique privilege of reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Dr Callahan’s AP English Literature class. The class was rigorous and fostered independent inquiry and speculation, the sort of intellectual curiosity that’s antithetical to misinformation and deceit. This might be a good time for the two of you to read that play, or if you’re pressed for time just skip to the last part of scene IV in the first act. The scene’s closing dialog between Marcellus and Horatio is apropos, considering Shelly’s confirmation. Or maybe you’ve concluded that the Advertiser’s reporting on the matter is misinformation.

Let me know when you have a moment.

David Torke

East Aurora

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