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Letter to the Editor: Time Traveling Scoops in East Aurora with the Advertiser  

Dear Editor,

I must congratulate this paper and photojournalist Marty Wangelin for two of the greatest photo scoops in the history of news reporting. The Thursday, Feb. 3, edition on page 10 posted photos Tasting Times and Keeping the Cold at Bay with captions stating the photos were taken “this Saturday” – which means that the photos came from events on Saturday, Feb. 5  – two days prior to publication!

I would like to know how Marty and the Advertiser did this? Please share how this was done (confidentially of course, as we should keep this trick under wraps). As a photojournalist I would be honored to have this photo time travel savvy up my sleeve. I will gladly share any financial gain with Marty and the paper when they share the secret of taking and publishing photos before they occur!

Orin Langelle

Buffalo & Langelle Photography

Editor’s Note: The trick is to not pay close attention to time and have a lackadaisical editor when it comes to that task of actually editing. If it works for you, please send any and all financial gain to the editor’s mailbox at 710 Main.

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