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Michalek Wins Seat on Iroquois Board, All Propositions PassFree Access

The results for school board elections and district budgets have been tabulated. Voters approved the budget plans for Iroquois Central, as well as picked their new school board member. 

There were two people seeking a seat on the Iroquois Central School Board for a 5-year term. 

The results are:

-James Michalek with 780 votes

-Thomas Greier with 625 votes.

Michalek will begin serving in July.

James Michalek

There were also four propositions on the Iroquois ballot. The first was for the budget, which passed, 883 to 326 votes.

The second proposition to purchase buses also passed, 1,148 to 325.

The third proposition asked district residents if the school could purchase the Elma Fire substation building located across from the Girdle Road campus. This was approved, 1,035 to 437 votes.

Voters did also approved proposition four, 1,070 to 369 votes. This sought to change school board elections to at-large voting. Currently, the district has candidates pick a specific seat to run for, meaning several people could run for one seat and no one could run for the other. This will take place in May 2023.

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