Yes, Homeowners, It’s Time to Prepare for Storm Season

(<a href=”www.newsusaadvantage.com”>NewsUSA</a&gt;)<img src=”trackit.newsusa.com/track.gif?id=36119&#8243; /> – Sponsored by GAF – Here we go again? Five to nine hurricanes – with as many as four “major” ones boasting sustained winds of 111-plus mph – is what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just predicted for this year’s storm season. In other words, they’re calling for an “active” six months or so through […]

Helping you understand total knee replacement

(BPT) – Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), often referred to as knee replacement surgery, can sound like an intimidating and worrisome procedure, especially for those who aren’t familiar with advances in knee replacement implants. Knee replacement surgery is a viable option because it can help alleviate pain and improve mobility by replacing damaged bone. Many patients discover they are able to […]

‘Democratized Data’ Helps Marketing

A new service merges big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to bring critical information to the world. (NAPS)

Support Helped Race for Cure Donations

Letter to the Editor

<p dir=”ltr”>Dear Editor,</p><p dir=”ltr”><span>We want to take this opportunity on behalf of our team, Prue’s Pride, to thank the many community members who helped make the garage sale we held to benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a big success.</span></p><p dir=”ltr”><span>On June 2, we raised $3,936 for the event. This was a large part of our team’s […]

Yes, Homeowners, It’s Time to Prepare for Storm Season

Old village house on the background of thunder clouds

5 things your tires can tell you

(BPT) – Cars can relay all kinds of information these days, like how many miles until you run out of gas or what’s causing that traffic jam up ahead. Your tires can offer a wealth of information, too, and knowing how to read them can help improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. According to the latest installment […]

How to prep your home for a new addition to the family

‘Democratized Data’ Helps Marketing

(NAPSI)—Today’s global marketplace needs reliable, accessible data. Unfortunately, this invaluable data is often unreachable for businesses lacking the resources, sourcing know-how or budget. Equally as problematic, today’s data industry is complicated, fragmented, inefficient and often ineffective, wasting millions in time and money. This is why <a href=”www.datablockchain.io/”><span class=”SpellE”>DataBlockChain.io</span></a> is “democratizing” big data, leveling the field by giving small and medium-sized […]

East Aurora Kiwanis BBQ

<p dir=”ltr”>Paula O’Connor and the East Aurora High School Jazz Band played at the Kiwanis Chicken BBQ last Wednesday. Over 3,600 dinners were served, and any remaining dinners were donated. <span> </span>

East Aurora Kiwanis BBQ

<p dir=”ltr”><span>Pavel and Kitt Bittner and Rhett and Camden Krieger devour their chicken dinners.</span> <span> </span>