Alice Mina Goszewski

Music Room

Music Room

<p dir=”ltr”>The Music Room caters to all ages when it comes to performers. <span> </span>



Iroquois Athletic Forum

<p dir=”ltr”>Iroquois Superintendent Douglas Scofield speaks as Penny Pennington, Dr. Ramanathan and Craig Leslie listen towards the tail end of the public outreach meeting for the Iroquois Sports Complex Committee. <span> </span>

Gold Star Student

Historian’s Column

<p dir=”ltr”>​A gala party was held at The Roycroft Inn following the 1919 graduation ceremonies, at which the girls were dressed in white, and the boys were in their Sunday-best suits. <span> </span> <p dir=”ltr”> 

Historian’s Column

<p dir=”ltr”><span>​The March 7, 1935 issue of the</span> <span>East Aurora Advertiser</span> <span>announces the Class of 1935’s decision to don caps and gowns at its graduation ceremony the following June.</span> <span> </span>