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Back-to-school moving tips for college students

5 Ways Dogs Can Improve Lives

(<a href=”www.familyfeatures.com”>Family Features</a>) Whether playmates or protectors, the human-animal bond is often a powerful connection that goes beyond pure companionship. Dogs typically have many talents and personas – they can be man’s best friend, a canine companion during a difficult time or even a service dog helping veterans and others through daily routines. No matter the relationship between dog and […]

Take a tour of Italy without leaving home

Make the Most of Outdoor Concerts

(<a href=”www.familyfeatures.com”>Family Features</a>) For many music lovers, there are few things better than an evening spent at a concert, sprawled out on the lawn with friends. Concerts and interesting venues can also be reasons for traveling and excuses to explore a new city or revisit a favorite location. Whether you’re checking out a concert near home or building a vacation […]

Bring New Life to Your Kitchen with Color

(<a href=”www.familyfeatures.com”>Family Features</a>) Just as filling your plate with colorful foods is typically good for your body, filling your kitchen with color can be good for the soul. In fact, color is an important element in interior design not only for its aesthetic value, but also because it can shape perceptions and emotions. “Color is powerful – when you walk […]

5 must-know facts about fighting cancer and Immuno-Oncology research

(BPT) – Anyone who has been affected by cancer knows that facing the disease takes enormous personal strength. Each day can present new challenges and obstacles, and it’s easy to start to feel powerless. Dak Prescott, quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, had to find an inner power when he lost his mother to cancer. Inspired by his family’s experiences, he […]

Considering a new deck? Avoid these pitfalls

After-School Snacking Fun

(<a href=”www.familyfeatures.com”>Family Features</a>) After a busy day of work, wrapping up extracurriculars and gearing up for school, there is an opportunity to relax and share a snack everybody, young and old, can savor. When you’re between activities but still want to serve up a fun, filling option, a simple snack that is easy to prepare for families on the go, […]

Considering a new deck? Avoid these pitfalls

(BPT) – Homeowners across America enjoy entertaining guests and relaxing on decks, enjoying the great outdoors in a comfortable, room-like space that’s somewhat removed from the elements. Studies reveal adding a deck to your home pays for itself in resale value. A 2016 report by the National Association of Realtors estimates new wooden decks recover 106 percent of their cost, […]