Web Cameras of Main Street, East Aurora

Audio Article

Check out what’s happening from 710 Main St., East Aurora.  We have two web cameras in operation, one from the second floor and one of the street level by our entrance. Click here and go to the “Live” Youtube video feeds on that page.     

New Town Hall Cost Still In Discussion

The cost estimate for the new town and village hall is still not set, but the basic layout has been configured for where offices will go in the new facility.

Column: A Parable…Perhaps

This week’s column by Rick Ohler.

Letter to the Editor: Values of Incumbent Reason for Vote

Dear Editor, When campaigns get nasty, you know something valuable is at stake. We are the most taxed state in America, and we are one of the hardest places for small businesses to succeed. Meanwhile, the rudderless leaders in our State Capitol seem to just make things worse year after year. With all the accusations flying this election season, I […]

Letter to the Editor: We the People Must Do Our Part to Fix the Country

Dear Editor, There was a time when the leaders of this country set the kind of example of which our citizens could feel proud. There was a time when our elected officials could be trusted to grasp the gravity and the power of the example they set. Clearly, there has been an interruption in their understanding of this basic premise. […]

Letter to the Editor: Elma Officials Ignore Public in Canceling Meeting

Dear Editor, As a resident of Elma, I try to attend board meetings to keep apprised of the happenings in our town. Since the Board had not met since Oct. 3, I decided to attend the October 24th scheduled meeting. I checked the agenda on the town website and was not surprised that there was nothing posted about this evening’s […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Good Work at Knox Park

Dear Editor, I want to commend the members of the East Aurora Highway Department for their diligence in creating a beautiful park like setting at the Knox Polo Grounds. Their work has provided many people with a place to walk each day and enjoy the surroundings. They have also given the youth of East Aurora a safe and accessible place […]

Letter to the Editor: DiPietro Has Shown Tireless Support of Community

Dear Editor, I don’t write many endorsement letters these days but felt compelled to write this one. Several years ago I helped run a campaign against Dave DiPietro for the New York assembly district. I felt the gentlemen running against David would do a better job for Veterans (such as myself and my son). I also was worried about the […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Candidate with Record of Public Service

Dear Editor, East Aurora and our surrounding areas are the best places to live, and it’s the hard work of volunteers and elected officials like Assemblyman David DiPietro that assures this quality of life. I know he works hard as our State Assemblyman and his constant travel to Albany takes him away from his family but he’s always here when […]

Letter to the Editor: Past Experience Gives Reason to Vote for Wochensky

Dear Editor, I’m writing in support of Luke Wochensky in his campaign for New York State Assembly. My wife and I have known Luke since he was 6-years-old and he has always been a great person and displayed exceptional leadership, even at a young age. Luke was senior class valedictorian at Springville Griffith institute when my son was in eighth […]