EA Music Fest Teams with Theatre to Show Classic Movie with The Beatles

Where were you on Sunday, Oct. 11, 1964? Hundreds of East Aurora teens (this one among them) were at the Aurora Theatre, to see the Beatles’ movie “A Hard Day’s Night,” which had finally made its way to our remote outpost four months after its national premiere. The delay had not dampened the demand for anything Beatles, however, and there […]

Tribute to Honor Life of John Deibel Planned for Jan. 17

When John Deibel, the longtime catalyst of live music in East Aurora, died just before Christmas at age 63, it not only saddened, but surprised the local music community. He had kept his ailments largely to himself, choosing not to trouble his many friends as he left us. With the heartfelt service conducted by his friend Father Seil at St. […]

Letter to the Editor: East Aurora Lions Thank Supporters

Dear Editor, As we approach the final stages of our annual Blind Seals fundraiser, the East Aurora Lions want to reach out to all our generous neighbors with a heartfelt “thank you.” Without your constant financial support, our community service relevancy would soon vanish. We are now much more dependent on funds raised from our Blind Seal newspaper inserts, as […]

Letter to the Editor: Happy to See a More Diverse Congress

Dear Editor, What a wonderful sight it was Jan. 3 to see pictures of the 116th Congress and observe that the majority Democratic portion of it looked almost like America really looks for a change. As a result of the election last November the Democrats added more people of color than any other Congress has ever had as well as […]

Letter to the Editor: Support for FISH is Much Appreciated

Dear Editor, FISH of East Aurora, Inc., would like to thank the many people of our area who gave so abundantly this past holiday season to help the poor and needy in the southtowns. As a result, we were able to provide bountiful food, clothing, and toys to 326 families from the East Aurora, Elma, Holland, Marilla and Wales areas. […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Supporting Town New Year’s Event

Dear Editor, We would like to thank all of the sponsors that helped make our Town of Aurora Bicentennial Ball Drop and Free Skate at the Healthy Zone Rink a success! First of all, we would like to thank Ormsby Educational Center Principal, Tom Heubert and welding instructor, Charles Harding, along with the students at BOCES for constructing the illuminated […]

Letter to the Editor: Concerns Over President’s Remarks on Foreign Lands

Dear Editor, Think about this for a moment. In April 2017, President Donald Trump indicated that the Polish army was massed on the border of Belarus and was preparing to attack. In July 2018 he raised concern that Montenegro’s entry into NATO could start World War III because the people of that country are so aggressive. Then in his most […]

Support Land Conservancy Project

The Western New York Land Conservancy is presenting the public with an opportunity to add land to the Kenneglenn Scenic and Nature Preserve in the Town of Wales after receiving word of receiving a $655,000 New York State grant toward the purchase of 222 acres adjacent to the property. The land conservancy has until the end of 2019 to raise […]

It’s In The Bag

On Dec. 16, 2018, 60 Minutes aired a segment about the horrifying amount of plastic in the oceans and the equally horrifying effects of that plastic. We, in the Climate Smart Community of East Aurora, have been aware of this problem for a long time, yet the 60 Minutes presentation brought it home for us once again. Many of us […]

Main Street Garbage Continues to be a Problem in Business District

When strong winds rush over Main Street in East Aurora on a Monday night, there’s a good chance that there will be garbage strewn along sidewalks and in the roadway by Tuesday morning. With trash collection on Tuesday morning for Main Street, garbage may sit outside for more than 12 hours before it is gathered as most businesses put the […]