Historian’s Corner: Drivers Took Their Time Complying with License Law 

Getting a driver’s license is seen as a rite of passage for most teenagers today. However, less than a century ago, the driver’s license was a strange concept in New York State.

Court Order Allowed for Cell Tower Construction

A court decision in July of last year allowed for the construction of a cell tower at the north west corner of Bowen Road and Clinton Street.

Column: Do You See What I See? 

The previous installment of The Examined Life argued that partisanship does not necessarily distort our perception of objective facts. Rather, it distorts how we report those facts. Yet, as we shall see, there are instances in which Democrats and Republicans truly do see the same things differently.  In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lesson of Personal Change, […]

Column: Groundhog Day

Prescott Valley, Arizona – As a seven-decade Western New Yorker finding himself in Arizona last week, I was reminded of the classic Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. Every morning of my visit I awakened early—5:30 a.m. or so (it being already the middle of the morning in my Eastern Daylight Time bio-clock)—and trundled down the stairs of my brother’s home. […]

Letter to the Editor: Seek to Make America Good

Dear Editor,  I propose that we re-define and re-purpose President Trump’s acronym, MAGA. It should instead read, MAG, “Make America Good.” Because, there’s nothing good about being great, but there is something great about being good. It seems like it’s been a long time since America concerned itself with being good. History has now shown that many in my “baby […]

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Community for Supporting Post Prom Fun

Dear Editor, In the days following the 25th annual East Aurora High School Post Prom event on May 17, it was clear that its success was a collaborative effort between the administration, parents, volunteers, community members, and event sponsors. The outpouring of support bestowed on the 160+ students who participated in the festivities was appreciated by all, especially the Post […]

Letter to the Editor: State Political Process Hits Home for Theatre

Dear Editor, For five years efforts have been made to allow movie theaters in New York State to legally sell alcohol, just like it is in 35 other states. Small businesses have continued to suffer with high taxes and regulations, not to mention mandated escalations in minimum wage that have increased labor costs by close to 50 percent in a […]

Letter to the Editor: Veteran Memorial Presents Educational Opportunity

Dear Editor, I read with bemusement the recent letter to the editor by the retired Colonel from Amherst questioning the appropriateness of a Veteran’s Memorial in Knox Farm State Park. The retired Colonel offered some pedestrian concerns, including a fear that the somberness of such a display would have a chilling effect on park visitors or that a barking dog […]

Letter to the Editor: Harriet Tubman is the Better Representative for America

Dear Editor, The president’s refusal to place Harriet Tubman’s portrait on the new twenty dollar bill by claiming that doing so would be “only political correctness,” is meritless. The current double sawbuck’s occupant, Trump favorite Andrew Jackson, was not only a slave owner, but an abusive one at that, who also engineered the forced removal of several Native American tribes […]

Editorial: Decriminalization a Better Choice

State lawmakers, lured by the gold-of-pot, seriously considered legalization of the sale of marijuana but ended up compromising on decriminalization. That means possession of small amounts will be treated as a violation, and there will be no additional penalty for multiple violations or a penalty for having pot in public view.   Lawmakers also will allow people convicted for possession of […]