Advertiser-2019-07-23 E-Edition

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Column: The Losers’ Consent 

This is the first installment of a two-part series on the Oresteia and American politics. While this column will summarize the ancient Greek tragedy, the next will seek to apply its lessons to the upcoming 2020 election.  “Each [destructive] act feeds off the one before and nourishes the next.”-Peter Burian  In the 5th century BCE, the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus […]

Editorial: For Them, Not Us

With every article that is written for this paper, there are usually one of three objectives: to get the reader to think, to feel or to act. This week’s article about the high school Sustainability Club on page one is no exception.  But in this case, it has made me think a little more. Especially since it was published on […]

Column: Wally Schang and the First 117 Years of Baseball at Hamlin Park  

Looking to bring baseball back to Hamlin Park.

Letter to the Editor: We Have Right to Free Speech and Still Live in America

Dear Editor, In 1969, our country was in the midst of a very unpopular war in Vietnam. I was 19-years-old and my number was up for the draft. I was strongly opposed to the war, and having grown up only a few miles from the Canadian border, it would have been very easy to simply leave the country. A popular […]

Letter to the Editor: America Needs to Celebrate Nation’s Diverse Population

Dear Editor, In 1956, Eleanor Roosevelt, inarguably our most estimable First Lady and advocate extraordinaire for equality among the world’s peoples, said the following: “[American] leadership of the free world depends on our realization that the white race is a minority race.” She knew even then that recognizing and celebrating our nation’s diverse population was the crux of our national […]

Editorial: Labels, the Squad, and Buffalo’s Waterfront

Newsrooms find labels useful. Propagandists create and exploit them. The military creates universal, derogatory labels for enemy soldiers. The Gang of Four; the Axis of Evil. Now there’s “the Squad,” four Democrats, women of color, who have found their way into the headlines with their efforts to push the Democrat Party to the left (another label, we suppose) and their […]

Editorial: Movie Permit on the Right Track

I’ve said it here before, so I’ll try to be brief, but having a permit process in place for movie productions in East Aurora is a good idea. It’s something that the village administration has discussed, and we have a neighboring village with a similar law in place that could be adopted.  The Village of Orchard Park is getting flak […]

Local Students Influencing District Decisions to Better Environment

Environmentally friendly changes are being pursued at East Aurora schools through student initiatives.

Music Fest Seven Donates $114,000 to Local Organizations

The group announced donations to eight non-profit entities to go with another $30,000 they distributed over the course of the year