Advertiser Project with Rick: Construct a Presshat


Follow along with columnist Rick Ohler as he shows how to construct a pressman’s hat in this video.

Water Protection Plan Adopted in Wales

Geologist and Source Water Protection Specialist Stephan Winkley presented the plan at the March 10 board meeting, and he said that the goal is to protect Wales drinking water for today and into the future.

Column: The Beach, the Birds, the Sunset…the Nature Day

Trust is required. That’s the kind of trust in each other that we will need for the next few weeks to see the light down the road. 

Outreach Center to Expand Food Services to People in Need


The Rural Outreach Center (ROC) is letting the community know it is expanding its services to help people who may be affected by Covid-19. 

Local Restaurants Come Together In Take-out, Coupon Effort During Quarantine

“Right now it feels as if a microscopic organism has drawn a bead on the very essence of small town life and shot an arrow into its heart,” Rick Ohler states.

Community Members Weigh in on Both Sides of Proposed Flag Lot Law

A public hearing was held last week for the Town of Marilla’s proposed flag lot law, and community members spoke out against and for the proposal in front of the town board.

Iroquois Central Says Goals Remain Same in Dealing with Shutdown


“We may be in uncharted territories, but we are not lost in these uncharted waters,” Superintendent Douglas Scofield said.

Column: Mama Said There’ll Be Days Like This

We are all on a steep learning curve this week as we come face-to-face with COVID-19 and the quarantine. Out here in Right Field, I’m still grasping the scope of the situation.

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Opposition to Turbines in Lake Erie

Dear Editor, Thank you, Forrest Fisher, in your March 12 “Rod, Gun and Game” column, for describing New York State’s push for offshore wind energy in Lake Erie. This plan, as he describes, presents innumerable hazards over freshwater for people and wildlife. If the amended New York State budget passes on April 1 amid the chaos of coronavirus, global power […]

Letter to the Editor: Republican Messaging Not Helping People of 27th District

Dear Editors, What is it with local Republican candidates and their propensity for creepy TV ads? First, it was Chris Collins, then Lynne Dixon, now it’s Chris Jacobs. Rather than discussing the issues – and we certainly have a lot of troubling ones to consider these days – Jacobs’ ads portray his Democratic opponent as somehow “other worldly” by manipulating […]