Planning Underway for Entranceway to Tim Horton’s During Construction

There is no other entranceway into the restaurant. 

Column: Less is More…in the Outdoors

Less time indoors means more fun outdoors, especially if you like fresh air.

Spring Sport Blue Devils Hope to Return to Action Before School Year Ends

No one knows if there will be any return to school, let alone competition for the seven varsity, junior varsity or modified spring sports that involve almost 200 students.

Aktion Club, Group Homes Follow Social Distancing but Still Keep Things Fun

This is a challenging time for those with developmentally disabilities and the groups who have goals to keep those people busy around the community.

Scouts Create Community Pantry Location


In response to COVID-19, Girl Scout Troop 30711 changed a Little Library into a Little Pantry for the community. 

Contractor Hired to Complete Project at Marilla Primary

The Iroquois Central School District accepted a contract bid to complete asbestos tile removal from the Marilla Primary School and to install new flooring in the building. 

Column: Filling the Cracks, Filling your Time

When it comes to home improvement projects, the old adage goes “so many projects, so little time.” But during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, for many people who aren’t working, there is nothing but time.

Editorial: A Note From The Publisher

I would like to personally thank our dedicated staff at our community newspapers for their extraordinary efforts to adapt to the mandated pause while serving in an open and essential business.  Keeping safe and keeping our neighbors safe by limiting contact isn’t easy while producing newspapers. We also appreciate the “extended staff” at the local post offices where we drop […]

Letter to the Editor: Strange Times and Busy Schedules as Essential Workers

Dear Editor, I just talked on the phone with Matthew at East Aurora Department of Public Works. It’s nice to talk with someone else working in this time. Maybe he doesn’t want to be, I’m not sure.  For my daughter Noel and me life feels like eat, sleep, work, repeat. Twelve hour days are common in my civilian job – […]

Letter to the Editor: Delay in Prison Start for Ex-Congressman Sign of White Privilege

Dear Editor, What an example of white privilege. Chris Collins is convicted of stealing*, receives a light sentence, and is allowed to delay his date to report to prison not once but twice. What other thief would get this kind of treatment? Will the next 70-year-old guy who steals a wallet be permitted to delay his sentence? Or does he […]