Column: Get Froggy for Big Summer Bass 

With our water temperatures following the heatwave we have enjoyed the last few days, the weeds in our waterways are thick and matted. The result is shade for really big bass that wait in ambush for critters that also use the matted weeds for ease of movement, including frogs, bugs, mice, small snakes and the like. So it makes sense […]

Various Scenarios Suggested for School Reopening in September

September is still over a month away, but local school officials are planning what the 2020-21 school year will look like in the age of the coronavirus.

Early Schooling: Individual Schoolhouses Dotted Landscape Before Centralization

There were over 10,000 common school districts scattered throughout New York in the nineteenth century. 

Farm Gives Refugee, Immigrant Communities Chance to Grow

Four years later, Providence Farm Collective has grown, in many ways. 

Farmers’ Market Going Well Despite (or because of?) Covid-19

The worst part about wearing a mask to the East Aurora Farmers’ Market is not being able to recognize people when they say hello. It is, after all, as much a meeting place as a shopping place. 

Town Resident Earns Higher Military Ranking 

Christopher James Connelly was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps on June 27. The Town of Aurora resident is the son of Patrick J. and Dewanna L. Connelly, and grandson of Bernard J. and Helene M. Connelly. Connelly spent the last four years as an officer candidate while attending the State University of New York […]

Food and Supply Drive Helps Local Nonprofits

Last Saturday, the Brothers of Blazing Star Lodge in East Aurora held a food, supply, and fund drive to support local charities. 

Town Catches Contractor Forging Signature for Work

The business that the Marilla Town Board covered in July was brief, but thorough.

Town Of Holland Summer Recreation Opens 

Families in the Town of Holland will be pleased to know that the Town of Holland Summer Recreation program kicked off on Monday, July 13.

Notes on Writing The Power of the Pen

A revolution is underway. There is turmoil in the streets. Peaceful protestors fill city blocks. They march in mass. They hold sit-ins. They demand justice. A small percentage of people take advantage of the situation. They loot. They riot. They burn buildings. The police react with violence. A country is divided. One half is set on conserving the old ways. […]