Letter to the Editor: Celebrating Other Cultures is American

Dear Editor, Aurora Republican Committee Chair Earl Jann’s attempt last week to clarify what he meant by “opposed to multiculturalism and identity politics” fooled no one. In his letter to the editor, he states, “Multiculturalism is identity politics, rooted in the idea that each cultural group will maintain its distinct identity irrespective of whether its values are contrary to those […]

Letter to the Editor: News and Thanks from East Aurora Lions to our Friends and Donors

Dear Editor, Your East Aurora Lions Club wishes to extend to all our community friends and donors our heartfelt thanks and prayers for wellness as we wind down our 2020 Blind Seals  fundraiser. As you may know, we annually reach out to our neighbors through insert letters in the Advertiser and Elma Review requesting financial support for our area works […]

Letter to the Editor: Minor Update to Recent Article on Windows

Dear Editor, I was so happy to read the article about my historic home on Blake Hill Road in last week’s issue. I enjoyed talking to Shelly about the house and my work as a window restoration advocate and educator. I need to submit one important correction. Regarding original wood windows, I was quoted as saying, “They are important to […]

Letter to the Editor: How Crime Victims Keep their Offenders Behind Bars

Dear Editor, Victim’s testimony, a time-honored part of the American criminal prosecution process, has sent thousands of New York offenders to prison. But justice is not advanced when, years later, crime victims are called again to give emotionally-charged encores, moments before parole panel members decide whether or not to release their offenders from prison. Parole: Late 19th century reformers called […]

Letter to the Editor: Know That You are Elected to Serve Everyone

Dear Editor, “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.” Gandhi I feel the need to respond to Earl Jann’s misguided call for Republican candidates for local office. He lists one criteria for consideration to be a rejection of “multiculturalism.” I find this to be offensive. Since when does any local elected official need this qualification in order […]

Letter to the Editor: Town Republican Committee Mulitculturism Test- Do I Pass?

Dear Editor, I’d like to be evaluated by the Town of Aurora Republican Committee as a potential candidate for future elections. However, I need a bit more guidance on the “multiculturalism” criteria: Here’s my list so far on how I intend to reject multiculturalism and behave like a true American. I hereby pledge to: Never buy another Christmas tree. (German […]

Letter to the Editor: Feeling Blue Over Aurora GOP Chairman

Dear Editor, If Chairman Earl Jann is the mouthpiece of the Aurora Republican Committee, we all should be feeling increasingly blue. Kathy Rose South Wales

Letter to the Editor: Village is an Inclusive Place for Good Neighbors

Dear Editor, The editorial in the Jan. 7 Advertiser said it perfectly. “Focus on the people not the Politics.”  As many of you are aware, the village board traditionally does not run on national party lines. We create our own local “party” of one and go door to door sharing our vision as stewards of this community. As the mayor […]

Letter to the Editor: Lorigo: Town GOP Leader Words “Reprehensible”

Dear Editor, After learning of the Aurora GOP Chairman’s “Request for Candidates” letter, I was disheartened to read the description of candidates sought. The United States of America is multiculturalism. In today’s extremely divided society, we should be looking for ways to work together. We should be looking for ways to celebrate each other. We should be looking for ways […]

Letter to the Editor: Dangerous Rhetoric Can be Seen at National and Local Level

Dear Editor,  Still reeling from the events of Jan. 6, when the Capitol building was stormed by domestic terrorists pledging allegiance to a single man, not to the United States, we retrieved our copy of the Advertiser from our mailbox. As we read the letters to the editor we were struck by the outpouring of sentiment denouncing the racist remarks […]