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EA Alum Sends Greetings from World Central Kitchen Post in Poland

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World Central Kitchen (WCK) staff member Charlie Shed was enthused when I told him last week about A Celebration of Ukrainian Culture and People being held in the Wallenwein’s parking lot on April 10. “That really makes my heart happy that you are helping our effort to feed these people who are fleeing for their lives,” said the East Aurora […]

April 10 Event will Celebrate Ukrainian Culture, Support Relief Efforts

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The Elm Street and Oakwood Avenue Businesses’ Celebration of Ukrainian Culture + People on Sunday, April 10 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the intersection of Oakwood and Elm. It’s a family-friendly event; all are welcome.

EA Alumnus at Ukraine-Poland Border Aiding Refugees

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Charlie Shed, East Aurora class of 1976, may have become the first foreign war correspondent the Advertiser has ever had when he called me from the Poland-Ukraine border last Sunday while helping thousands of refugees for the relief agency World Central Kitchen (WCK).  Back in 2020, I wrote a story about Shed, a career hotelier who left the five-star hotel […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Spring Ahead to Outdoor Adventure! 

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Amidst the clamor of change and the excitement of outdoor journeys ahead, we celebrate, with American character, how we will get to our favorite spots to fish, hunt, hike, camp, watch birds and wildlife or canoe. To provide additional support for Ukraine during the current crisis, American ammunition makers, including Remington, CCI/Speer and Federal, will donate one million rounds of total ammo to the Ukraine Armed Forces.