Column: Nutrition: Preparing for Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Thanksgiving is almost—gasp!—upon us, and I AM NOT PREPARED. (I’ve been up to my elbows planning a little race called the Turk-EA Trot—heard of it?) Thankfully, I’m not hosting, but I still always want to make ‘my own’ Thanksgiving FOR THE LEFTOVERS. I didn’t appreciate how much I would miss my favorite childhood dishes now that we spend Thanksgiving at […]

Column: Cooking with Hasselback: Marsala

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Whenever I think of chicken Marsala, I fondly remember an evening spent with Frank Busseri and his wife Eva. Frank is one of the original Four Lads, a male vocal group from the 1950s and on. They had many million-selling tunes and traveled on tours extensively. My husband, John, began working with them in the 1980s and we have been […]