Ruthana Hulbert Beebe Bawden, Class of 1943, Becomes Most Senior at Community Gathering

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It’s hard to know if Ruthana Hulbert Beebe Bawden has the distinction of being the most senior alumna to ever sign in at the Rotary Club’s all-classes gathering, but she certainly was last Friday night. Bawden hails from the class of 1943, making her 96-years-old. 

Expanded Summer School Options Considered for Local Districts

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Holland, Iroquois and East Aurora Schools are all in the process of finalizing individual summer school programs and deciding what will be offered. Each district is hoping to get information out to parents soon so that families can plan out the rest of their summer months.

District Looks to Add Special Education Classroom to Middle School

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School Board talks are underway to explore creating a 8:1:1 classroom to East Aurora Middle School. The director of pupil services says that these plans are not finalized yet and she is working with the business office to make sure that it will fit into the budget. She said that there are potentially seven students in this age range that would fit into the program.