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Community Invited to Hamlin Park for Weekend Festivities

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The Town of Aurora has a fireworks show planned for Saturday, Sept. 4 at 8:30 p.m. Prior to the display, there will be service organizations selling food.  A cover band will also be on site providing live music. 

Preparations are made for third Forest Fest in Holland

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The organizers of Forest Fest in Holland, Ashley and Greg Rose are working on plans for the third Forest Festival event, which will be held over the Labor Day weekend this year, featuring vendors and live music.

Fundraising Begins for Town’s Fireworks Show

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The annual Independence Day fireworks show has been paid for through private donations each year.  There are no public dollars spent on it. The committee invites all citizens and organizations to donate to the annual Fireworks Fund Drive. This year’s goal is $12,000. People and organizations who make a donation will be listed in the East Aurora Advertiser. 

Aurora Fireworks Show Moved to Labor Day

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Pandemic restrictions left the town without enough time to fundraise and plan firewords for the traditional Fourth of July fireworks display, but The Town of Aurora is eyeing a Labor Day celebration as an alternative to the traditional Independence Day fireworks display.