Questioning School Safety Plan : Formal Appeal States Not Enough Done by School to Follow Policy Rules

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An appeal has been filed with the Commissioner of Education in Albany to remove Superintendent Brian Russ and all seven members of the school board, on the grounds that the district safety plan is inadequate and that the board was delinquent in duties by not filing the plans in accordance with state deadlines.

Village Prevails in Court Case Over Bid Process for Culvert Project

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A court order dismissing a suit again the Village by Union Concrete over the rejection of the company’s bid for the Tannery Brook Culvert earlier this year has been granted. Officials say that they expect the contractor to bring an appeal.

Contractor Takes Village to Court Over Bid Rejection

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Ongoing litigation related to a suit brought against the village by the contractor whose low bid was rejected due to what officials say was a failure to conform to bid specifications has delayed planned work on the Tannery Brook culvert project.