Column: Rod, Gun and Game: The Land of the Great Local Outdoors: It’s for Everyone   

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The birds chirp earlier in the morning each day, and we all are developing a greater inkling to step outside with a light jacket – never mind the actual temperature. It’s time for spring, and like the billboard alert at our local theatre, it’s coming soon! It better; it’s time for the NYSDEC to stock hatchery brown trout and rainbow […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: The Outdoors is Three-Times Alive this Week

There are those days when each one of us would like to be stifling in the blazing sun, under an umbrella, on a beach, somewhere in South Florida. Dreams are a good thing. Like when Buffalo Bill running back Nyheim Hines ran back the opening kick-off last Sunday while playing the New England Patriots in Orchard Park. Like when the […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Hey Mom, it’s Cold Out Here!

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Last weekend’s winter surprise snow blast provided extra time indoors for all of us! In my family, we shared talk time around the wood stove and enjoyed card games that are rarely played because no one has time for such things these days. But we did this Christmas!  My veterinarian granddaughter, Kelsey, has kept many pets over the years; some […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Special Holiday Deer Hunt Season: Dec. 26 – Jan. 1 

Santa should have little problem finding snow for this Christmas and holiday season as the forecast seems much like the snow seasons of old, 60 and 70 years ago.  It was recently minus 20 in Fargo, North Dakota, with a wind chill of Minus 38. That’s real cold, see – everything is relative. In southwest Florida, the temps will dip […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Weather or not – It’s Big Game Hunting Season

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Your first step into the woods, and you hear a branch crack. ‘Is it windy?’ you might whisper inside your mind.  Your head slowly turns left, then slowly right. No, it’s not windy; it’s very calm.  Motionless, you cannot determine any reason for a branch-cracking sound unless it is a deer that remains out of sight. Thinking, the deer too […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Boats, Birds, Bears and Youth Summer Camp Planning 

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It’s that time of year when Mother Nature has recreational boat owners looking to move their watercraft from winter storage to a state of readiness for hitting the water. So after a long rest for many boats due to the past two years of pandemic-related life, how do you know your boat is ready for a safe summer boating season […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Spectacular, Sustainable and Sleeveless…it’s Spring

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Wait a minute…SLEEVELESS?! Each of us can dream! Yes, I read somewhere that spring really is coming! I think it was the Farmer’s Almanac; it might have been the calendar.  Honest, it is, but for now, for this year, it seems we need to maintain some of the keep-me-warm clothing and rain covers within reach. Many of our local streams […]

Column: Rod, Gun and Game: Opening Day for Inland Trout Fishing is April 1

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For youngsters growing up in the post-World War II era, April Fools’ Day was anything but about silly jokes. It was about going trout fishing on the opening day of trout season with your dad or grandad or uncle, or someone in the character of Mr. Outdoors in your family. It was about enjoying the freedom of winning a world […]